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Spring (re)Design Expo

This year I worked with 2 other teachers and our principal Dr. Chagala to help improve our spring design expo. It takes the place of our Open House and should be a student-driven event that showcases their learning, passions and interests. We felt our Expos have been successful in the past but we wanted to keep revising and improving all the rough edges. This year we decided to create a "passport". The students, with their families and friends could travel around the Expo and collect stamps at different tables, booths, events and activities. This created a fun game for kids and enabled everyone to see more student work than they might have otherwise because they were seeking out new stamps from different groups.

There was so much going on at Expo that I didn't even get photos of half the fun things students were doing. The first photo below is my 5 year old son (left) and the 3 year old son of Mr. Ludwig, digging into the worm box. I already have so many ideas about to grow this Expo even more next year. Make it even more student-driven with some small tweaks and improve the passport with a list of things to see.


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