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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my grade?

I post all grades to Aeries. I try to keep them updated. If I have missed something please double check that you "Submitted" on Classroom then email me to ask about it.


Why is my child receiving this grade?

All my projects are rubric based. The rubrics are provided in digital and hardcopy before the project begins. Students need to double check that the work was turned in then email me with questions.


How do I see my child's Google Classroom?

Sit with your child and look at the assignments together, ask questions so he or she can explain. You might be receiving "Guardian Summaries" if you received an invite and you accepted it.


How can I improve my grade?

There are no late penalties for any projects. Students are encouraged to revise and resubmit their work for personal growth and an improved grade. Please send me an email if you resubmit your work so that I can check it and update Aeries if needed.


What's your policy on technology in the classroom?

I think it's really important for students to learn how to use technology responsibly. Cell phones are used in Digital Photo class to take photos but otherwise should be in the student's bag. There are also appropriate times for a student to listen to music with headphones while working independently. Headphones or cell phones should not be out when there is group work or direct instruction happening. It is never time to play video games on any device. Students will receive the following consequences for abuse of technology: verbal warning on the 1st violation, then a call home on the 2nd violation, then devices will be held in teachers desk on 3rd violation, then on 4th violation student will receive a referral and documentation on their permanent record of behavior.


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