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The Chagalas! Our VIDA Academy Awards

At the end of last year the creative arts teachers met and developed an idea to have an "Academy Awards" style art night that would feature screenplays written by Mr. Brumbaugh's 7th grade design lab students. We picked a date in February and then before you know it the date was upon us. My Art 1 & 2 students adapted the screenplays to create stop-motion films using drawings, cut paper, sculpture, painting and a variety of found objects. Mr. Ruiz's students worked with drama club students to film live action films and edit them in iMovie with audio and sound effects. It was an ambitious project but we pulled it off with the hard work of many students and the creative arts teachers. On February 22 family and friends gathered in the VIDA gym to watch the Creative Movement Dancers (grade 6), two songs performed by the cast of the Lion King, Rock Band, and the show choir perform! The event was hosted by 3 students and teachers only ran the behind-the-scenes stuff! We had incredible help from our new non-profit 503(c) organization called the VIDA Creative Arts Foundation (VCAF). Through ticket sales and concessions we raised around $2,000 for the creative arts at VIDA. It was a super fun night and I took almost no photos but a few other people did so here they are! You can watch all the student made films online at

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