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Winter Design Expo!

We had to reschedule our Winter Design Expo for after the holidays because of the Lilac Fire in the Fallbrook area. We put our heads together and decided that the 3rd day after we returned from Winter break would be best so we could have some time but not too much. My 6th graders had their watercolor succulent paintings on display as well as a table with succulents on it for visitors to make drawings and paintings. My 7/8th grade students exhibited their Veterans Day project. My digital photo students setup and ran an "Inside Out Project" photo booth! I tethered a Canon Rebel T5 to my laptop and then we printed the photos on a regular bw laser printer and hung them up on the wall. The Inside Out Project is about showing the beautiful faces of our community - it doesn't matter what size they are. I hope to do this again in the future!

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